"Better than a taxi and Uber." In Minsk, launch a project on car-sharing

Dec. 9, 2016, 1:45 p.m.

A new player is about to arrive at the transportation market of Belarus, which will open a service to us that is unfamiliar to us till now. Rent a car (without a driver) for a short time, but for at least five minutes, you can be with a smartphone with just one click.

Anyway, the Minsk company DriveTime says exactly about such plans. The service positions itself as a new type of public transport. And more profitable than a taxi or Uber. We have got dozens of questions, the main one of which is: how in Belarus, where there are strict measures to confiscate the car for drunk driving, in general, you can implement such a project? It turned out that this is a conscious risk, and the business model is based on European, American and Russian examples, adjusted for our specifics. When we tested the DriveNow service in Berlin, we sighed dreamily: & laquo; Eh, we would have such! & Raquo; Too many obstacles, including legislative ones, were seen to enter our market. It seemed that the big players would not take risks. Therefore, when they received a press release about a loud start from an unknown company, they were very surprised and at first they were very skeptical.

Some doubts were dispelled during the meeting with the founders of the new company DriveTime & mdash; Ivan Dylevich and Ivan Zheltonogin and a representative of the Russian company & mdash; developer of technology Mongeo Connected Technology Dmitry Smirnov.

& mdash; My brother moved to live in Germany. The first thing he did was & mdash; I sold the car. Now, to travel around the city uses a bicycle and a carcher, & mdash; says Ivan Dylevich. & mdash; I tried the service myself and was surprised how convenient it is. So why not implement this in Belarus? And about a year we are already working on the project. Even started testing. Its open stage is scheduled for January. Preparing for the meeting, we tried to find out something about the company DriveTime, but there is practically no information about it. This, as it turned out, has an explanation. According to our interlocutors, the company and the trademark were registered only recently & mdash; under the project of a card-sharing. But the founders are not new to car rentals & mdash; more than four years engaged in the rental of cars, and therefore, the specifics are not known by hearsay.

At first, there will be about 50 branded cars in Minsk. The park is not yet formed, however the criteria are defined by & mdash; & budget; & raquo; Russian assembly, in the maximum configuration, with automatic transmission. It can be Hyundai Solaris, Renault Sandero, Skoda Rapid, etc. When it came to the principles of work, it reminded us very much of the scheme of the European DriveNow or Russian & laquo; Delimobilea & raquo; and BelcaCar. First of all, the user needs to come to the office and sign a contract. By the time of launch, there will be several points in Minsk, later they will appear in other cities of Belarus.

& mdash; Only a passport and driver's license will be required, as a last resort & mdash; medspravka (if in the rights there is a note that they are not valid without a doctor's conclusion), & mdash; noted in DriveTime. The founders of the company assure that it is not necessary to provide a bale of documents, and soon, it is possible, registration can be passed through the application at all, sending a photo of the passport and driver's license. However, there are several significant limitations: it is planned to conclude contracts only with more or less experienced drivers. Those who do not have sufficient experience can be denied.

Most of the time our private cars are parked and waiting for us to work, we quench hunger or sleep. If you think about it, the machine, the main purpose of which is to move, is basically in static. Carcheting radically breaks this approach. On the one hand, the player earns the most advantageous use of the car, on the other & mdash; users get the opportunity not to become attached to a particular vehicle, but still have their own machine handy at hand.

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