In Ukraine, in the near future only legal taxi will work.

Feb. 22, 2018, 2:03 a.m.

Those who work without a license will be seen right away. After all, a legal taxi will issue special yellow numbers. And illegal immigrants will be caught by policemen. Now their number only in the capital has grown by 50 percent.

According to Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yuri Lavrenyuk, this trend was due to the war in the East & ndash; many settlers began to "tax".

The Ministry says that yellow numbers on legal taxis will appear already this year. And they also promise & ndash; the innovation will not affect the price of the service.

The only problem is to put the yellow numbers on which the official carriers are currently working. The main service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will simply reduce this cost into a cost, it will be about 100-150 hryvnia. The entrepreneur will spend one time to put himself these numbers, his budget will not suffer much, & ndash; Yuri Lavrenyuk is convinced.

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