Uber began to deactivate drivers who work in parallel at other taxi services

Dec. 9, 2016, 6:06 a.m.

The management of the company Uber turned out to be very sensitive to the work of its drivers on competing services, according to the publication Recode. The strangest thing in this situation is that in advertising materials Uber directly points out that for many active drivers work in the service is not the main place of work, that is, in words, it is loyal to the possibility of additional work.

However, according to the publication Recode, starting in October 2016, US drivers Uber began to receive letters with threats of deactivating the account because of a public demonstration of applications of services-competitors. As a rule, speech in letters was about the scouting service Juno, which so far only started in New York and then, in the beta version. Such cases can not be called episodic, according to the Independent Guild of Drivers, car owners in Uber have received several hundred warnings about deactivation. At the same time, at least ten drivers complained that their profile was deactivated.

As one of the "deactivated" & raquo; drivers, the application Juno was only launched on one of his smartphones, while during the trip he did not say anything about this service to his client. However, in the standby mode, in the Juno application, in addition to the logo, you'll see the & laquo; Invite & raquo; and the percentage of discount on travel that the user will receive. It turned out that, more recently, Uber began to use fake clients to verify the compliance of the driver with all the company's rules. They then paid attention to passive advertising Juno.

In Uber, the newspaper was told that according to the rules of the Taxi and Limousine Commission (the government agency regulating the taxi in New York), advertising of any other products and services during travel is prohibited without special permission from the Commission. According to the company, the Commission recognized that the display of the Juno logo along with the percentage of the discount received is advertising.

Note that while Uber is unlikely to have anything to worry about, as for the five months of Juno's operation in New York, the service has reached about 20,000 daily trips. Competing services Lyft and Gett handle about 40 thousand trips a day, while Uber serves more than 200 thousand trips, that is, 10 times more than Juno.

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