Experience and health status for working in a taxi are not important: who is taken by drivers

May 12, 2018, 10:26 p.m.

Over the past two years, the number of accidents involving taxi has doubled. And what can be the result, when almost all carriers & ndash; illegal immigrants. Drivers do not deliberately design a license, because an illegal person does not bear any responsibility.

The worst thing is that such a situation suits the authorities, the relevant ministries, inspection bodies, finally & ndash; the police. Law enforcers, by the way, also do not show excessive activity, illegal immigrants can fine or take the car only in the event of an accident.

Safety in our taxi & ndash; the passenger's business, get to an adequate and professional driver with a car that's not going to fall apart & ndash; great luck. In two millionth of Kiev there are only two official taxi carriers. For the European state this is unacceptable. It seems that some people benefit from this state of affairs, somehow this illegal but profitable business brings a lot of left money.

Dispatching services take one call at work. Experience and health & ndash; nobody is interested. Main & ndash; have machine.

The cost of the license is slightly more than a thousand hryvnia. Monthly Tax & ndash; 600. Not cloudless even for a taxi driver money. Drivers do not draw up documents for saving, but for avoiding liability.

The shadow market of taxis is more than 40 billion hryvnia per year. In Kiev, only two legal services. And those in recent years have reduced the number of cars four times. They do not stand up to the competition of illegal immigrants.

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