Yandex.Taxi left the Crimea and Sevastopol

Dec. 16, 2016, 6:43 a.m.

The service completely curtailed the work on the peninsula. Some associate this with sanctions, others with a boycott of local aboriginal taxi services. Yandex employees reported & laquo; Notes & raquo; the official reason for leaving.

<p> According to the representative of the PR-service of the company & laquo; Yandex & raquo; Olga Molodan, the service worked on the peninsula in a test mode. </p>

<p> & laquo; Yandex.Taxi constantly expands geography and in this regard tests the operation of the service in a large number of cities and regions, & mdash; says Molodan. & mdash; In Crimea, we also conducted similar testing, which is currently completed & raquo;. </p>

<p> What are the results of the Crimean experiment made by the company, and whether the resumption of Yandex.Taxi work in Crimea and Sevastopol is planned, remains unclear. & laquo; We do not disclose plans. If the service is launched, we will certainly notify & raquo ;, & mdash; said Ms. Molodan. </p>

<p> <strong> Crimean citizens </ strong> in social networks, discussing the reasons for the company's departure, <strong> suggest </ strong> that all the blame is Western sanctions. It was unexpected to find out that the <strong> Yandex Taxi stopped working in the Crimea because of sanctions </ strong> ... Here's to you and the company that positioned itself as a Russian & raquo ;, & mdash; wrote in Facebook Crimean journalist Andrei Degtyarev. </p>

<p> However, this version was refuted in conversation with the "Notes" & raquo; senior specialist of the Yandex.Taxi support service Dmitry Volkov. He also called the end of the test period the work and did not go into details. </p>

<p> Another version of the disappearance of Yandex.Taxi from the peninsula & mdash; monopoly of local banks and their tariff policy. </ p>

<p> & laquo; Yandex works under the franchise scheme, and for local partners there was a weak spot & mdash; <strong> Banks </ strong>, & mdash; political scientist Vladimir Jaralla wrote in Facebook. & mdash; In the Crimea, they are known to be the two main ones, and their tariff policy is not profitable for clients. Calculations in work on Yandex require a lot, money is moving actively, and <strong> tariffs for operations lead to high costs </ strong>. Because, it turned out that the old scheme of work for them is easier & raquo;. </p>

<p> According to the expert, the conflict could play its role with local carriers who are not used to such low prices as Yandex. </p>

<p> & laquo; Yandex terms & quot; they are not satisfied, and under the actual monopoly (local carriers in the Crimea - ed.), the boycott was palpable. In the end, it turned out that way. Let it be for now. Now the question & mdash; will there be an increase in tariffs? However, the excess supply, the actual paralysis of traffic during peak hours makes its own adjustments. It's unfortunate that many of us have already appreciated the convenience of Yandex & raquo;. </p>

<p> But the head of the Sevastopol union of taxi drivers Alla Lazareva care Yandeks.Taksi rejoices. </p>

<p> & laquo; Due to the low cost of transportation [at Yandex.Taxi] drivers could not pass timely service stations, repair cars, & mdash; she assures. & mdash; Our taxi services and drivers, fortunately, quickly realized that it would end sadly for them, and they stopped working under Yandex & raquo;. </p>

<p> However, the fleet of most other carriers in Sevastopol was hardly different in terms of grooming from Yandex.Taxi cars for the better, despite higher local tariffs. </p>

<p> Previously, Lazareva told & laquo; Notes & raquo; that for local companies the arrangements with Yandex are fraught with subsequent acquisitions & mdash; as soon as most local services go under the wing of Yandex, the aggregator begins to dictate its terms, and it's already difficult for them to return to the market, because they have already been forgotten about them in the city. </p>

<p> & laquo; Enterprises promise noisy advertising, they do not need to spend any more on it & mdash; just take what is given, & mdash; she says. & mdash; Later, when the local service passes to this resource, people forget about it, only Yandex remains on hearing. The captured company is forced to cut down its marketers, advertisers, rejects the brand & raquo;. </P>

<p> Now Ms. Lazareva argues that for half a year of Yandex.Taxi's work in Sevastopol, competition did not affect other taxi services in any way. </p>

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